What is pacing?
A pacer is simply the group leader who carries a sign that has the designated time goal posted on their sign and leads the group of runners to the finish line in an assigned time goal. For example... In a half marathon race, if a runner's goal is simply to break the 2:00 mark, that runner should just line up with the 2:00 pacer at the start line and run with the pacer at a 9:10 per mile pace and the 2:00 pacer will run even "splits" and set a rock solid even pace for that specific group with a common goal of leading the group to the finish line to finish "spot on" just under the 2:00 mark. Ideally, the 2:00 pacer will run each mile at 9:10 pace and finish in 1:59:59. Keep in mind that all of our pacers are properly trained to finish any race within 30 seconds under their assigned goal time. Just meet your pacer at the start line about 20 minutes before the start of the race and follow their lead. Good luck!!!
How to Use a Pacer?
Whether it’s a MN Pacer (who you can spot by their red singlet with the word PACER in yellow) or another group, Sam says you can find pacers at over 90% of longer distance races. He’s seen runners shave as much as 15 minutes from a previous PR time just by joining a pace group! Running with a pace group is easy – simply find your group, line up and run! However, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Be Early: it’s a good idea to show up to the race with enough time to find your pace group. If the race start is congested and you’re stuck in the back of the pack, you’ll waste precious energy trying to catch up to the group.
  • Be Social: running with a pace group can be a great way to get to know others in the running community. If you’re up for talking during the race, be willing to share your running stories and get to know your pacer and others in the group.
  • Be Appreciative: most pacers are volunteering their time, so be gracious and remember to thank them for helping you attain your running goals.
How do I become part of a Pace Team?
No sign-up needed. Simple show race day and run with us. Feel free to stop by the pacers table at the packet pickup time and talk to use. The pacers will be handing out free pace bands to all runners.
How do I find my Pace Team race morning?
Beginning 20 minutes before the race, the Minnesota Pacers Pace Team will all be lined up at the starting line according to pace. Feel free to join a pace group at the starting line and have a fun race with the group!
Do I have to stay with my pacer the entire race?
NO! Feel free to use the pacer as a guide to how your race is going. If at any time you feel the pace is too fast you can always slow down on your own. Also, if you feel strong towards the end of the race, feel free to pick up the pace and beat your goal. The pacers are there to help you beat your goal.
How will the pacers handle to aid stations?
Most of the pacers will simply slow down for the group to all get some fluids. The slower pace groups may walk thru the aid stations. The pacers will make all last minute instructions on there group at the starting line.
Who are the pacers?
The Minnesota Pacers Pace Team is comprised of locally talented runners who have been carefully chosen based on their recent success in marathons. Let them guide you to the finish line on race morning.
What should I do after the race?
Celebrate! Please take the time to thank the race volunteers and also let your pace leader know that you appreciate their hard efforts to make it a fun race. These pacers bring alot of energy and excitement to this race.
What if I have any further questions that are not answered here?
Feel free to email the pace team leader at pacersam@yahoo.com Pacer Sam will be more than happy to answer your pace team related questions.